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Buying & Selling Stretch Glass 

Buying and Selling of iridescent stretch glass takes place in many forums ranging from private sales between individuals to public auctionseBay sales, at flea markets and antique shows, and even in antique shops or at estate or yard sales.  Without question, the largest offering of stretch glass in one location at one time takes place at the Stretch Glass Society’s Annual Convention, Show & Sale.

From time to time the Stretch Glass Society offers contemporary (ca. 1970-2012) stretch glass from its inventory of past convention souvenirs.  Most offerings are through eBay auctions but occasionally convention souvenirs are available for purchase at the Annual Convention, Show & Sale or via raffles to support the Society’s operations.  Watch eBay listings as well as our website and Facebook group for announcements of convention souvenirs being offered for sale.

Buying and selling any collectible is a matter of reaching agreement between the buyer and the seller on the price and terms of the anticipated transaction.  Stretch glass purchases and sales are no different.  While price guides and auction results exist for stretch glass, the prices from these sources are, at best, guidelines for what you should expect to receive if you are selling your stretch glass or what you should expect to pay if you are acquiring stretch glass.  You make the final determination of the “value” of the stretch glass you are buying and selling.  The Stretch Glass Society is not able to provide appraisals or other pricing for iridescent stretch glass but we can put you in touch with glass dealers and auctioneers who may be willing to assist you with sale of your stretch glass.  We are happy to provide contact information upon request.


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