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The April issue of The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles is hot off the presses
L@@k at who is in it...WE ARE!  Check it out:

On page 36 our photo of 6 Fenton candy jars (this and all photos are by Dave Shetlar) appears along with 3 color photos of other glass. 

On page 40 our club listing appears complete with our website and contact email plus a description of the Stretch Glass Society. 

On page 41 our ½ page full color ad appears promoting both the 100th anniversary of stretch glass celebration as well as our 2016 convention. 

On page 44 our convention and next stretch-out discussion call announcements appear complete with contact info for registering for convention (PO Box 117, Sunbury, OH 43074) and our website plus another full color photo we submitted depicting a group of tall candleholders. 

On page 48 there is an article on the history of stretch glass which was written by Cal Hackeman and Dave and Renee Shetlar.  It appears with yet another color photo of more candleholders. 

Look for April issue of The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles at your favorite antique shop or mall and pick up a free copy to read about upcoming SGS activities and the history of Stretch Glass.