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SGS Quarterly

The SGS Quarterly is the Stretch Glass Society’s newsletter.  It is published 4 times each year and contains a wealth of information about stretch glass, glass-related events and more.  Each issue contains an in-depth article written and illustrated by noted author and stretch glass researcher, Dave Shetlar.  Dave’s articles focus on an aspect of stretch glass such as a manufacturer, a color, a shape, etc.  Dave has been writing these articles for us for over 20 years.  Back issues of most SGS Quarterlies are available for research and review to members of the SGS via the members only pages of the website.  In the few pages selected from a recent SGS Quarterly, we have included one of Dave’s articles complete with his page of illustrations.  Just imagine how much you can learn about stretch glass by becoming a member and receiving the SGS Quarterly every quarter plus having access to dozens of past issues and articles.  Join today and start becoming an expert on iridescent stretch glass.

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Submitting an Article:  The SGS Quarterly Newsletter is filled with interesting and informative articles about iridescent stretch glass, activities of SGS members, recent sightings and purchases of stretch glass and much more.  We encourage members and others interested in iridescent stretch glass to contribute articles which will be of interest to our membership.  If you would like to write an article for an upcoming issue of the SGS Quarterly, please contact our Editor, Stephanie Bennett at to discuss your idea and timeframe for completing the article.  We look forward to hearing from you and including your story in a future issue of the SGS Quarterly.

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