The 2011 Stretch Glass Society's Convention is but a memory –  a very cherished memory – for all who attended.  In 2011 we learned about stretch glass comports.  The live auction that Bill Richards had on Friday, July 29th in the display room had a wide range of Stretch Glass pieces. There were a number of lucky bidders who got to take some of this great stretch glass home with them.  We hope you enjoy these highlights from the 2011 Stretch Glass Convention, Show & Sale: 

I say Compote, you say Comport


Northwood comport advertisement -- part of the Rainbow line



The club display was (as you possibly guessed from the title of this announcement)

“Compotes / Comports”.                                     Imperial: Comport, #44/50, Flared, 18 rays, Red, 7-1/2" h.

Webster defines:

com.port \’kam-,po(e)rt,\  n : compote 2

com.pote \’kam-,pot\  n1 : fruits cooked in syrup  2 : a bowl of glass, porcelain or metal usually with a base and stem and sometimes a cover from which compotes, fruits, nuts or sweets are served

1921 Fenton catalog page.  Note the salver and plate compotes.

We were only of course be concerned with those made of glass and stretch glass in particular.

For a review of the 2011 Convention, Show and Sale click on the link to read the review that appeared in the August 2011 Newsletter:  SGS 2011 Convention Review.