The 38th Annual Convention of the Stretch Glass Society was held in 2012 at the Comfort Inn located in Marietta, Ohio. Below is the schedule of events that were part of the year's gathering. The display room was open to the general public during the convention which concluded with a live auction.  Here are some photos of the club and member displays and other events at the 2012 Convention.

For a review of the 2012 Convention, Show and Sale, read SGS 2012 Convention:  A Pictorial Diary by Stephanie B., which appeared in the August 2012 Newsletter.


SGS 2012 Convention Schedule


WednesdayJuly 25:

1 -- 7 pm                    Member arrival, Check in & Setup (Registered Convention Members

                                   draw Stampede line-up Numbers)

4 -- 6 pm                     Board of Directors Meeting

8 pm                           Silent Auction bidding begins

8 -- 10 pm                  Wine & Cheese Welcome Party

10 pm                         SGS Meeting Room Closed

ThursdayJuly 26:

(Open to Public 11 am-- 5 pm)

9 am                           Doors Open

9:15 am                      Line-up for Stampede (Registered members only)

9:30 am                      Stampede begins (Registered members only)

2 -- 4 pm                     Stretch Glass Club Display Presentation - "Revealing Newly Discovered

                                    Stretch Glass Treasures"

5 pm                           SGS Meeting Room Closed

7 pm                         2012 Banquet Buffet(Members & Guests)

8:15 pm                      Robert Barber, Guest Speaker

10 pm                         SGS Meeting Room Closed

FridayJuly 27:

(Open to Public 10 am -- conclusion of live auction)

10 am                        Doors open

10 am -- 5 pm           Auction Preview

11:30 -- 1 pm            Members' Annual Business Meeting & Complimentary Lunch for

                                   registered members

1:20 pm                    Silent Auction Ends and Raffle Drawing

2 pm                         Discussion of Member Displays by Members and Experts

5 pm                         Live Auction featuring Stetch, Fenton, and other glass begins

6 pm                         Packing of display and sale glass may begin

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