Our mission is to encourage and support interest in and learning and enlightenment of one of America’s heritages, iridescent stretch glass, which was produced by nine American glass companies ca. 1916-1932 and by one American glass company ca. 1980-2011. We are dedicated to preserving this beautiful glassware and the history of its manufacture as well as encouraging collectors, museums, auctioneers, and all who share our enthusiasm for stretch glass to exhibit, use, enjoy and become more informed about it. We provide a forum to promote friendship among those interested in stretch glass and to give each an opportunity to participate in new discoveries and experiences concerning iridescent stretch glass. We provide opportunities to learn the history of stretch glass. The Stretch Glass Society publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Stretch Glass Society Quarterly, and sponsors in-person events and virtual discussions to enable those interested in stretch glass to share points of interest, to provide and benefit from on-going educational programs and materials and to enjoy the fun and fellowship of collecting iridescent stretch glass.


The Stretch Glass Society was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in 2016. Prior to 2016, the Society operated as a tax-exempt organization established for the benefit of its members under Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Stretch Glass Society are tax deductible as charitable contributions and may be made via online payment; click here for full information on memberships and donations.

In addition to our website, we have a Stretch Glass Society Facebook Page and Facebook Group which we invite you to visit. Questions or comments regarding stretch glass, the Stretch Glass Society or any of our activities may be sent to us via info@stretchglasssociety.org.



On April 21, 1974, a group of stretch glass collectors gathered in Denver, PA, and formed The Stretch Glass Society. They elected officers (Jim Farr was the charter President), adopted a Constitution and By-Laws, agreed to publish a periodic newsletter, and began plans to hold the first annual convention in 1975. The Founders and Charter Members included: 


Wily & Catherine Addis
Ralph & Florence Brown
Margene Cordell
William Crowl
Dr. Bill & Jaque Davis
Harold & Martha Earp
Peter & Jean Eckhardt
James & Marilyn Farr
Edwin & Helen Hardisty
Frank Harkness
Janice Hart
Francis & Rovene Heaton
Harry & Florence Heatwole
Virgil Henry
Robert Henry
Virginia Ishowitz
Victor & Ann Kucewicz
Paul B. Miller
Carlotte Ormsbee
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Pfaff


Roy D. & Amy Poe
Joe & Rose Presznick
Lewis & Carolyn Price
Savie & Loretta Rexroda
Joanne Rodgers
Carl & Rose Schleede
R. L. & Shirlee Shonebraker
Harold M. Stevens
Martin & Helen Stozus
Jabe Tarter
Russell & Kitty Umbraco
Elmer & Marian VanPatten
Don & Fran Walker
Jim & Nan Warren
William & Carroll Wash
Berry & Eunice Wiggins
Lowell & Valerie Wiggins
Ray & Anna Wishard
Orven & Triffinio Wyatt


Several of these individuals remain active members of The Stretch Glass Society today. During the more than 40 years since The Stretch Glass Society was founded, the world of collecting has evolved and The Stretch Glass Society has changed with the times and needs of stretch glass enthusiasts. Initially The SGS Quarterly was a few typewritten pages distributed by US Mail and SGS members took turns hosting the annual convention in or near their place of residence. Today, The SGS Quarterly is a full-color newsletter distributed primarily by email. (Distribution is available via US Mail upon request and at an additional fee.) Annual conventions remain one of the highlights of the year for stretch glass enthusiasts but the annual convention is now held in Marietta, OH, and in conjunction with the annual conventions of The National Fenton Glass Society and The Fenton Glass Collectors of America as many Fenton glass collectors have an interest in stretch glass and stretch glass collectors are often interested in other glass produced by The Fenton Art Glass Company (and other glass companies and artists). While exchange of information in the 1970’s was primarily by phone or written communication and sharing of new discoveries of stretch glass took place primarily at the annual conventions, today we take full advantage of the internet and social media to communicate and share discoveries with fellow collectors and enthusiasts. Please check out our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

For several years, we have sponsored virtual educational discussions of selected stretch glass-focused topics. Known as “Stretch-Out Discussions,” these conference call-enabled discussions feature the leading experts and researchers in stretch glass, Russell and Kitty Umbraco and Dave and Renée Shetlar, along with other stretch glass enthusiasts and explore a particular stretch glass topic as well as provide a forum for participants to report new discoveries of stretch glass, request ID of their stretch glass and share other updates. Stretch-Out Discussions are open to all who are interested in learning about stretch glass and are announced on our website and on Facebook. 

From a humble, but enthusiastic, beginning, The Stretch Glass Society has evolved into the leading advocate and authority on stretch glass. One aspect of The Stretch Glass Society has not changed – our friendly, welcoming approach to making the pursuit of stretch glass, whether it is to build a collection or just to have a few items to use, a pleasant and personal experience. While technology may enhance our ability to share and communicate, nothing takes the place of a one-on-one discussion about stretch glass or inviting a fellow collector for a visit to see your latest ‘finds.’ People make all the difference in our busy, hustle-bustle world, dominated by social media and high-speed everything. A number of members of the Stretch Glass Society have made especially significant contributions to the Society over the years. From time to time the Board of Directors recognizes these individuals as Honorary & Life Members of The Stretch Glass Society. There are twenty-two stretch glass enthusiasts who are Honorary & Life Members. They are:


Stephanie Leonard Bennett
Keith & Margene Cordell
William Crowl
Dr. William & Jacqueline Davis
James & Marilyn Farr
Mary Henry
Augusta Keith
John Madeley


Paul B. Miller
Joanne Rodgers
Rosa Schleede
Dave & Renée Shetlar
Arna & Fred Simpson
Martin Stozus
Russell & Kitty Umbraco
Berry Wiggins


We look forward to assisting you in pursuing your interest in this beautiful, unique American glassware and welcome your participation in our activities and organization. Please consider becoming a member of The Stretch Glass Society and participating in our Annual Convention and/or Quarterly Stretch-Out Discussion calls. Thank you for your interest in stretch glass.