SGS Annual Convention

The Stretch Glass Society Annual Convention and Stretch Glass Show

July 26-28, 2017
Quality Inn
700 Pike Street
Marietta, Ohio 45750
(740) 374-8190

Note:   For past convention archives, click here to view summary page with further links to more detail.

The Stretch Glass Society Annual Convention and Stretch Glass Show is the highlight of the year. It's one of the few opportunities for members from across the country to come together to socialize and learn from the experts.

The Convention 2017 Team of Anne Blackmore, Cal Hackeman, Bob Henkel, Joanne Rodgers & Vickie Rowe is excited to bring you the 43rd Annual Convention. “Giving Stretch Glass The Green Light” is our theme for this year’s gathering which will feature your green stretch glass in our Club Display.

Collectors everywhere are “giving stretch glass the green light” as they view displays, listen to talks, learn about stretch glass at depression glass shows, carnival glass conventions and antique shows, read about it in collector magazines and newsletters and join us in our efforts to promote and preserve this unique American art form. The IRS even gave us the “green light” by recognizing us as a 501(c)(3) charity devoted to American stretch glass study, promotion and education.

“It's not easy being green” according to Kermit the frog. But it is easy to be green stretch glass. From Green Ice to Nile Green to Emerald Green to Florentine Green and Russet, we have a green for everyone and every occasion. Please get out your green stretch glass and bring it to convention for our Club Display this year. 

This year members may have one or two display tables to showcase their stretch glass. The theme for the 2017 member displays is “Sharing your Special Stretch Glass.” There is no need to struggle over what stretch glass to bring for a display; this year each member can request up to two 5’ round tables!  We look forward to seeing some special stretch glass display(s).

Our 2017 Convention provides opportunities to catch up with long-time friends and make new ones starting with our Members Only Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening, once again hosted by Stephanie Bennett. First time convention attendees will select a piece of vintage stretch glass to take home as their convention souvenir. You will have a chance to learn and talk about your stretch glass (any color, this time) at our Glass ID, Show & Tell. Experts Kitty & Russell Umbraco and Renée & Dave Shetlar will ID your glass, so select your most unusual stretch glass and try to stump the experts. Then stay for a complimentary Pizza lunch, compliments of VP Bob and President Cal. Right after lunch, Joanne Rodgers and Bob Henkel will lead the discussion of Sharing Your Special Stretch Glass and invite members to talk about their stretch glass displays and why it is special to them.

Every day has opportunities to learn:  from members discussing their displays to Kitty & Russell’s banquet talk on their rare and unusual stretch glass from many years of collecting. Dave will teach us how to determine which of the nine companies produced our bowls and show us which black base goes with each one. Bob Stein will show us how various glass objects are made when he discusses and shows us some of his “progressive sets” of Fenton glass. And there is always something to be learned from Tom Burns’ auction on Friday night! Tom is promising us another exciting auction with some rare and hard to find stretch glass being offered for sale.

This year’s raffle includes a Fenton Ruby twin dolphin square comport sand carved and signed by Kelsey Murphy, a US Glass crystal stretch bowl with a reticulated edge and two Imperial lamp shades, donated by the late John Madeley. Tickets can be purchased when you register for the Convention or separately. See all the details here.

The Society also takes the opportunity to "take care of business" with an annual Board of Directors meeting and annual business meeting on Friday – come for the complimentary lunch and stay for the raffle prize drawings.

And there's always free time set aside to do your own thing -- shopping, antiquing or sightseeing! Whether you are shopping for stretch glass offered for sale by collectors and glass dealers set up in their hotel rooms or venturing out to “the school house” or local antique malls, there will be an abundance of stretch glass and other collectibles and antiques available in the local area.

An important part of learning is being “in touch” with stretch glass and stretch glass enthusiasts. We learn much from each other and learning about stretch glass is so much better when you hold the glass in your hand, look at the mould lines, check out the base and see the color. There is no substitute for being with the glass. “Give the Green Light” to coming to convention this year and experience the joy and excitement of stretch glass first hand! We look forward to welcoming you and providing an unforgettable experience. Please complete your registration by July 1, 2017, and reserve your hotel room now. See you at the SGS 43rd Annual Convention in July! 

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