Exhibits and Museum Displays

Permanent Museum Exhibits

Stretch Glass is on permanent display at several museums including:

We are always interested in learning of additional exhibits of stretch glass.  Please let us know if you “find” stretch glass on display at another museum or facility.


Featured exhibits

From time to time stretch glass is loaned by collectors for temporary exhibits at museums, libraries, glass shows and conventions and similar venues.  During 2016, in connection with the 100th anniversary of the introduction of stretch glass, hundreds of examples of stretch glass were exhibited at museums, glass shows and conventions in more than 10 states.  Photos of these exhibits capture the beauty and variety of stretch glass and provide a rare look at rare stretch glass as well as items which are more easily found in the collectibles market.  Photographs of these exhibits provide you with an opportunity to see stretch glass even when you are not able to travel to the exhibit locations.  The Stretch Glass Society continues to pursue opportunities to exhibit (and speak about) stretch glass.  Please feel free to contact us at info@stretchglasssociety.org if you are associated with an organization which would like to have a presentation on and/or exhibit of stretch glass.


Eastern National Antique Show, Carlisle, PA

The SGS staged an exhibit at the Eastern National Antique Show on November 18-19, 2016. About 10 dealers, including SGS Members Ed Sawicki and Helen & Bob Jones, had stretch glass for sale in their booths. Many attendees at the show commented on how beautiful stretch glass is and several of the dealers in the show were very interested in learning more about stretch glass!  Read and see more photos here.


Museum of American Glass “Gathering,” Cleveland, OH

Dave & Renée Shetlar and Cal Hackeman presented a seminar at “The Gathering” on Saturday, October 22, 2016, in Cleveland, OH.  They talked about the early days of stretch glass production (1916-1930s) as well as the contemporary production period (1980s-2011) Approximately 60 examples of stretch glass were available for attendees to admire.

For full story and photos, click here.


Museum of American Glass in West Virginia 40th anniversary exhibit

In June, July and August, 2014, the Museum of American Glass in Weston, West Virginia hosted an exhibit which showcased over 150 examples of vintage and contemporary stretch glass including approximately 100 shapes and 15 colors.  All nine companies which made vintage stretch glass were represented.

Click here for full story and photos.


National Imperial Glass Museum Celebrates Stretch Glass 100th

"Stretching over 100 Years:  a century of handmade stretch glass in America,” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1916 introduction of iridescent stretch glass in America, got an early start at the National Imperial Glass Museum in Bellaire, Ohio.  The 100th anniversary display was featured at the museum throughout 2016.  If you are traveling in this area of Ohio, we highly recommend that you visit the National Imperial Glass Museum.


Southern California Carnival Glass Convention

The Southern California Carnival Glass Club celebrated their 50th anniversary at their 2017 Convention, which took place March 8-11, and they do know how to celebrate!

On Friday, March 10, SGS members Kitty and Russell Umbraco did a program on “Carnival Glass with a Stretch Finish." Remember that basically, carnival glass is patterned pressed iridescent glass.  Basically, stretch glass is without much of a pattern (if any), pressed iridescent glass which is re-fired to create a stretch (contraction of the metallic salts finish that looks like an “onion skin”) finish.  The stretch finish can be on purpose or by accident.  Here are some photos of the stunning display they shared as part of their program.

Many of the members’ displays had stretch glass in them.  Click here for the full story and to see a few of the displays and people admiring their stretch glass pieces.