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The Stretch Glass Society is the leading source for information on stretch glass produced in the United States from ca. 1916 through the mid-1930s and again from 1980 through ca. 2011. This page contains information about The Stretch Glass Quarterly, the leading source of information on stretch glass, as well as photographs of stretch glass and links to extensive collections of photographs of stretch glass which are invaluable when identifying or researching stretch glass. In addition, there is an extensive (and growing) collection of written information on stretch glass and information about on-line discussions of stretch and other iridescent glass which provide an opportunity to ask questions, get information and learn about stretch glass on an on-going basis.  You will also find a list of books which feature stretch glass.  


The Stretch Glass Society Quarterly

The Stretch Glass Society releases September issue of The SGS QuarterlY

The full issue, as well as complete newsletter archive, is available to SGS members in the member-only section by clicking "Member Login" in the upper right.  To view featured pages from the current issue, click the cover image.

For over 40 years the Stretch Glass Society has published four issues of our newsletter, The Stretch Glass Society Quarterly (The SGS Quarterly), each year. Each issue contains extensive information about stretch glass, recent discoveries, tips on identifying similar examples of stretch glass, activities of the Stretch Glass Society and much more.  Click here to view a recent issue of The Stretch Glass Quarterly.  As you will see, it is filled with information on and about stretch glass.

An extensive collection of past issues of The SGS Quarterly is archived in the Members Section of this website which may be accessed using your SGS member log-in and password.  If you do not have a member password, you may obtain one by joining the Stretch Glass Society.



Dave & Renée Shetlar maintain a comprehensive collection of photographs of stretch glass and information on how stretch glass is made, producers of stretch glass and more.  An excellent source for identifying stretch glass.  Click Shetlar Glass to be taken to their website.

Jerry & Carol Curtis have a collection of photographs of carnival and stretch glass miniatures, novelties, and smalls.  Please be aware that when the site is accessed, you will see only pictures; to see the information about each piece shown, simply click on the photo and the description will pop up.  Click to be taken to their website.


OnLine Discussions and In-Print Articles

Are you looking to learn more about stretch glass?  Check out these articles and excerpts from on-line newsletters, discussion boards, etc. for information about all aspects of stretch glass.


Fred Stone's Carnival Mailing List Hosted by Hooked on Carnival

Russell & Kitty Umbraco, Dave Shetlar and Cal Hackeman share insights on stretch glass on Fred Stone's Carnival Mailing List hosted by Hooked on Carnival every week for “Tuesday Stretch” (on Tuesday evening) and regularly respond to inquiries related to stretch glass by participants.  

From January 13 through January 19, 2016, Cal was the guest editor on this Discussion Board and shared seven features covering various aspects of stretch glass.  If you are looking for an introduction to stretch glass, you may want to check out these seven features which include dozens of photographs and lots of information.   

In February,  2016, “Tuesday Stretch” was launched.  Every Tuesday evening a discussion of a particular aspect of stretch glass appears along with color photos of the stretch glass being discussed.   All “Tuesday Stretch” features are available here.

You can see what hundreds of collectors are saying about stretch glass and carnival glass by joining the email discussion group.  Go to and sign up for the free on-line mailing list.

SGS President Cal Hackeman As Guest Editor For Hooked On Carnival:  January 13-19, 2016

Following are individual articles Cal shared as Guest Editor:


In-Print Articles

Members of the Stretch Glass Society as well as other glass experts write articles about stretch glass and related topics from time to time.  These articles are often published in the leading glass-focused publications.




All About Glass, published by the WV Museum of American Glass, Ltd., featured stretch glass in Vol. XIV No. 2 in July 2016.  The article is entitled “Discovering the 16 Rarest Examples of Stretch Glass.”  It discusses how a team of stretch glass collectors, researchers, authors and experts reviewed over 150 rare and unusual pieces of stretch glass and then selected the 16 rarest stretch glass items in 2016.  Photographs of all 16 items are included in the article.  You may obtain copies of this issue of All About Glass by contacting the museum at or by calling them at (304) 269-5006.  


Antique Trader


In an article dated April 5, 2013, Antique Trader discussed the 2012 SGS Convention.   The article can be viewed online here.


Journal of Antiques and Collectibles

Stretch Glass and the Stretch Glass Society are featured in The Journal Of Antiques and Collectibles, Vol XVII No. 2, April 2016 issue, in these specific places:

  • Page 36: our photo of 6 Fenton candy jars (this and all photos are by Dave Shetlar) appears along with 3 color photos of other glass.

  • Page 40: our club listing appears complete with our website and contact email plus a description of the Stretch Glass Society.

  • Page 41: our ½-page full color ad appears promoting both the 100th anniversary of stretch glass celebration as well as our 2016 convention.

  • Page 44: our convention and next stretch-out discussion call announcements appear complete with contact info for registering for convention (PO Box 117, Sunbury, OH 43074) and our website plus another full color photo we submitted depicting a group of tall candleholders.

  • Page 48: there is an article on the history of stretch glass which was written by Cal Hackeman and Dave and Renée Shetlar. It appears with yet another color photo of more candleholders.




Kovels, one of the leading authorities on trends and values in many categories of collectibles and antiques, reported on prices realized for several items at the July 2016 SGS Convention.  Our yearly auction, held in Marietta, OH, was hosted by Tom Burns Auction Service.  This is the first time Kovels has reported information on stretch glass auction sales to their readers.  In addition to reporting on and picturing several of the items sold at our Convention auction, they also included information about our celebration of the 100th anniversary of stretch glass.  Kovels publishes their newsletter monthly; it is available via email and in print to subscribers.  Their Facebook page has over 11,000 followers.  The SGS would like to thank Kovels for reporting on our auction results and for helping us spread the word about stretch glass.  We also want to thank them for granting us permission to use their original published article from October 2016.

Click images at left to enlarge: newsletter front page (top) and the article (bottom).


If you have questions about stretch glass please contact us at and we will do our best to respond to your inquiry.



The following books on stretch glass may assist you in your study and enjoyment of stretch glass.  Many of these books are out of print; however, they are often available on and/or on  Periodically books may also be offered for sale on or by other sources. 


The following books on various types or periods of glass also include some information on stretch glass.  As noted above, many of these books are out of print but may be obtained on, and other sources.