Glass Clubs and Organizations


The Stretch Glass Society is the only organization and collectors’ club whose purpose is to further the interest in stretch glass and educate interested persons, to encourage learning and enlightenment of this American heritage, to increase and promote friendship one with the other, and to give each an opportunity to participate in new discoveries and experiences concerning stretch glass, to learn its history and to undertake such other activities as are specified in our Constitution and By-Laws.

There are a number of organizations and collector clubs which include stretch glass in their area of interest.  We take pride in collaborating with these organizations to promote an interest in, and an understanding of, all collectible glassware.  We are pleased to provide information to allow contact with them by all who may be interested in their particular area of focus and in collectible glassware in general.  

Finally, you will find links to a number of the leading antique shows in the USA where you may find iridescent stretch glass for sale.  We wish you the best of luck in your hunt and hope you will share your finds with us at or on our Facebook Stretch Glass Society Page or Group.

Other Glass Organizations

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