Presentations and Seminars

Cal Hackeman and Bob Henkel represent SGS at TCGC 40TH ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION

In March, 2019, SGS President Cal and VP Bob traveled to Dallas, TX with approximately 200 examples of stretch glass to present a seminar on Patterns & Optics in stretch glass for the Texas Carnival Glass Club during their annual convention, which took place March 20-23.  Patterns & Optics in stretch glass is an interesting topic, especially for carnival glass collectors who usually have iridized glass with definite patterns in it.  Cal and Bob discussed over 40 different patterns and optics which are found in stretch glass – some are quite rare and hard to find, while others are in many of our (and their) collections.  Among the patterns discussed (and illustrated with actual stretch glass), Fenton’s Concentric Ring received the most attention.  In particular, the flower pot/bowl/swung vase relationship was of great interest to several of those in attendance who own stretch glass swung vases.

We were fortunate to have Cade Wilcox’s outstanding Tangerine swung vase in the display along with a matching Tangerine flower pot and underplate.  You may recall this Tangerine swung vase was recently sold on eBay and caused quite a stir of excitement (as reported in a previous issue of the SGS Quarterly).  As you can see from the photos, the display and discussion covered patterns and optics from Adam’s Rib to US Glass reticulated/ribbon edge and lots in between.  They were able to show 5 shapes in the US Glass ribbon edge line, all in Crystal, illustrating the progression from a deep bowl to a flat plate.  This was a wonderful example of the craftsmanship with which stretch glass was made.  The reception to our presentation on stretch glass was enthusiastic and a number of those in attendance joined The Stretch Glass Society following the seminar.

Later in the convention, all those who registered for the convention received a beautiful yellow/honey colored carnival glass vase, produced from an old mold especially for the 40th anniversary of the Texas Carnival Glass Club.  Bob and Cal were pleasantly surprised when they were each given one of these lovely vases and thank the TCGC for including them.


The SGS makes regular appearances at a recurring event called the Eastern National Antique Show, one of the leading antique and glass shows in the U.S., to exhibit stretch glass, provide information on stretch glass and the SGS, and offer stretch glass ID. Exhibitors frequently offer a wide range of stretch glass, EAPG, depression-era glass, cut glass, art glass and more for sale.  At previous shows buyers have been able to acquire hard to find as well as readily available stretch glass at competitive prices.  For more information on the show, click on the above link to their website.

Stretch Glass Featured at Metro Detroit Annual Show and Monthly Meeting, November 2018

By Jonathan Fuhrman

The Michigan Depression Glass Society hosted their 46th annual show in Dearborn, Michigan on November 3 and 4, 2018.  Two dozen dealers filled the 15,000 square foot facility with vintage American-made glassware.  In addition, the club created a You Light Up My Life display, showcasing a variety of glass candlesticks, lamps, and fairy lights.  MDGS also welcomed Cal Hackeman, who represented the Stretch Glass Society with a booth that will promoted both SGS and the glassware we all love to the 1,200 attendees.

The fun continued on Monday, November 5, when MDGS hosted their monthly meeting where Cal presented a program on Stretch Glass. Additionally, an MDGS member presented a table setting of the Molly pattern by the Imperial Glass Company in black.

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Gary Senkar speaks to ACGA on Imperial Jewels

Stretch Glass Society Board member and Imperial Glass researcher Gary Senkar gave a presentation on Imperial Jewels and Imperial Stretch Glass to the American Carnival Glass Association’s members at their annual convention in Marietta, Ohio, on June 15, 2018.  The SGS thanks Gary for sharing his expertise on Imperial stretch glass, including Imperial’s Jewels, on our behalf.  Gary’s presentation is part of our ongoing outreach program designed to educate and inform collectors of all types of glass about Stretch Glass, and his talk resulted in 5 new SGS memberships.

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