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Early Period Central and Jeannette discussed in May 10 Stretch-Out Call

Early Period Central and Jeannette was the topic of our Stretch-Out call on Thursday, May 10, 2018, at 8 pm Eastern.  We discussed the photos in this document on the call.

This was our fourth discussion on the topic of lesser-known companies that were producing stretch glass from 1916 to 1933. On May 10 we discussed the production from two of the ‘minor’ glass companies, Central Glass Works (Wheeling, Pennsylvania) and Jeannette Glass Company (Jeannette, Pennsylvania).

Central appears to have used a single bowl mold, but shaped the mold into many forms. They also made two sizes of trumpet-shaped candle holders. Some of their pieces have gold glue-chip decoration. In contrast Jeannette used several bowl molds. They also made handled servers with unique handle shapes. Both companies used a multitude of different colors.

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Late Period Fenton Stretch Glass was the topic of our Stretch Out call on Thursday, April 12, 2018, at 8pm Eastern.  We discussed the photos in this document on the call.

This was our fourth discussion on the topic of late period stretch glass (1970-2011). In our previous calls, in May and October 2017, and February 2018, we discussed Fenton in-line colors as found on their catalogue pages. In the April call  we switched to the less well-known colors that were made exclusively for QVC. The Fenton Glass Company started selling glass on QVC in the late 1980’s.  Shortly thereafter, stretch glass was introduced to the QVC buying public.

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Check out the Deluxe Edition Review of the March 8th discussion of Early Period U.S. Glass.  To view the document with photos discussed during the call, click here.

This was our third discussion on the topic of stretch glass by lesser-known companies that were operating in the early period of stretch glass production. The first call in February 2017 featured the lesser-known company of Vineland Flint Glass Company. In November we explored another of the companies - Lancaster Glass Company.  In the March 8, 2018 call, we focused on U. S. Glass Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This company produced the widest range of stretch glass. It seems like there are distinctive, related groupings with some lines being represented by certain colors. This call featured the transparent colors -- ones you can see through.

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