Stretch Glass Pricing tool Launched 

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new stretch glass pricing database. This tool will enable the user to compare prices of stretch glass sold by major known auctioneers. Searches can be done by manufacturer, pattern or shape and then by color. There are some corrections to be made to some descriptions and entries but we are off to a fantastic start. As time permits additional entries will be added from past auctions and future auctions results will be added shortly after they occur.

This project has come to fruition through the expertise and efforts of SGS members Galen & Kathi Johnson over the last 18 months. Kathi is also a Director of the SGS and both are members and contributors to many carnival glass organizations. A committee of SGS members contributed ideas, information and time to the project.

The Stretch Glass Pricing Tool is hosted by the website of Hooked on Carnival. You can access the pricing tool at this link: