Stretch glass featured at Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Convention Banquet

Nearly 100 iridescent glass collectors and enthusiasts gathered at the Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club convention in St. Pete Beach on February 8 – 11, 2017, to learn about carnival and stretch glass, buy and sell iridescent glass and make new and renew friendships with fellow collectors. 

Cal Hackeman, SGS President, and Bob Henkel, SGS Vice President, attended the convention and provided those in attendance at the Friday night Banquet with a display of 175 examples of vintage and contemporary stretch glass along with an overview of the history and makers of stretch glass as well as information on the colors and items available for purchase during the original production period (1916-mid 1930s) and the later re-introduction by The Fenton Art Glass Company from 1980 until 2011.

A significant interest in stretch glass was evident during the entire convention with several glass dealers offering stretch glass, in addition to carnival glass, for sale.

The Stretch Glass Society thanks the Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club for the opportunity to participate in the 2017 convention and welcomes the Club members who joined The Stretch Glass Society at the banquet.

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