2018 — Cal’s Stretch Glass Odyssey

Cal Hackeman, Stretch Glass Society President, was on the road from October 27, 2018 through November 5, 2018 on a mission of education and recruitment.

October 27 & 28: Northeast Ohio Glass & Pottery Show

Cal arrived at the fairgrounds in Berea, OH to represent the Stretch Glass Society with a club display at the Northeast Ohio Glass & Pottery Show (dubbed the NEO Show). His display consisted of a representative variety of stretch glass colors and manufactures. Cal was able to gain 5 new memberships to SGS. The NEO show was sponsored by the Cambridge Glass Collectors and is the first major glass and pottery show to be held in the Northeast Ohio region in many years. Watch for it next October.

November 2: Great Lakes Carnival Glass Convention

Cal travelled over 230 miles Northwest to Lansing, MI to be the banquet speaker at the Great Lakes Carnival Glass Convention. Here his display was over 200 pieces  strong. It included rarities, many hard to find pieces and a few common pieces of stretch glass. He explored the nine companies that produced stretch glass, the range of colors in which it was available and the peculiar and interesting shapes in which it was made and used for everything from flower arrangements to butter balls, nuts, mayonnaise and sherbet. Cal was able to sign up one more new member at the GLCGC (many Great Lakes members are also members of the SGS). A video of the presentation is available here: https://www.facebook.com/hookedoncarnival/videos/367632300644326/

Another display at the Great Lakes Carnival Glass Convention featured pairs of vases which are the from the same mold but with a different top treatment or in a different color or some other different aspect. There were about 100 pair of vases shown including carnival, stretch and various other types of glass. This display was assembled by SGS member Wally McDaniel and several SGS members loaned stretch glass vases for the display providing a very nice selection.

SGS Director Kathi Johnson was a presenter for this display.

November 3 & 4: Michigan Depression Glass Society Show

Next stop for Cal was the annual Michigan Depression Glass Society’s Show 100 miles back to the East in Dearborn, MI. where he set up another great club display. Nonstop visitors to the SGS table asked lots of questions. Egyptian Lustre and Northwood’s Royal Purple seemed to be the favorites.

November 5: Michigan Depression Glass Society club meeting

On Monday Cal was the featured speaker at the MDGS club meeting. The 100 members in attendance showed great interest and asked lots of questions about stretch glass. Cal signed up nine more SGS members at the MDGS show & club meeting. A total of fifteen new SGS members were signed up on this trip.

A video of Cal’s presentation can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/MiDepressionGlass/videos/2262137527131720/

You may notice that there are a some gaps in Cal’s schedule as presented here. I am guessing that nary a piece of glass in any Ohio or Michigan antique shop went uninspected.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication Cal!

Another photo from the MDGS Show with club officers, including their President, Jonathan Fuhrman (also an SGS Director).

If you and your glass club would like to learn about stretch glass, please contact The Stretch Glass Society to arrange for a presentation and display. Contact us at info@stretchglasssociety.org.