I say Compote, you say Comport

The 2011 SGS Convention is but a memory –  a very cherished memory – for all who attended.  In 2011 we learned about stretch glass comports.  The live auction that Bill Richards had on Friday, July 29th in the display room had a wide range of Stretch Glass pieces. There were a number of lucky bidders who got to take some of this great stretch glass home with them.  We hope you enjoy these highlights from the 2011 Stretch Glass Convention, Show & Sale: 


Compotes / Comports

Webster defines:

com.port \’kam-,po(e)rt,\  n : compote 2

com.pote \’kam-,pot\  n  1 : fruits cooked in syrup2 : a bowl of glass, porcelain or metal usually with a base and stem and sometimes a cover from which compotes, fruits, nuts or sweets are served

1921 Fenton catalog page.  Note the salver and plate compotes.

Northwood comport advertisement -- part of the Rainbow line

Imperial: Comport, #600, Flared,
18 rays, Red, 7-1/2" h

We were of course only concerned with those made of glass and stretch glass in particular.

For a review of the 2011 Convention, Show and Sale click on the link to read the review that appeared in the August 2011 Newsletter:  SGS 2011 Convention Review.