2019 SGS Convention Day 1 Report and Gallery

A member display table at the 2019 Convention

Member display table

The Stretch Glass Society launched its 46th Annual Convention on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Marietta, Ohio.  Approximately 60 members from as far away as Washington state, Maine and Florida spent Wednesday setting up displays of stretch glass from their personal collections while a Combined Display of Bedroom and Bath stretch glass items took shape under the direction of SGS member Pam Steinbach with assistance from Renée Shetlar.  The Combined Display features the largest and most complete assemblage of early period (1912-1935) stretch glass cologne bottles, powder puff jars, dresser bottles, guest sets, tumble ups, bath salts jars, shaving mugs and similar items ever exhibited in one place at one time.  The over 200 items featured examples of all Bedroom and Bath items produced by The Fenton Art Glass Company during the early period of production.  In many cases, the Display featured examples of similar items in the full range of known colors including Celeste Blue, Florentine Green, Grecian Gold, Persian Pearl, Tangerine, Topaz, Velva Rose, and Wisteria.


On Wednesday evening, those in attendance assembled at a Welcome Reception complete with a tasty buffet.  Past President Joanne Rodgers was feted on the occasion of her participation in her 35th Annual Convention.  Joanne is a Charter Member of The Stretch Glass Society and currently serves on the Convention Team, responsible for organizing annual conventions. 

Selected photos from the gallery below: Club Display of Bedroom and Bath pieces

Another highlight of the evening was the First Timers’ Stampede which saw all of those attending their first convention “stampeding” across the room to select a complimentary item of stretch glass from items donated for this purpose by SGS members.  Each First Timer came away with a new piece of stretch glass for their collection.

Souvenirs from past conventions for sale

Bob Henkel, Vice President and a retired florist, conducted a workshop on creating floral arrangements in stretch glass containers.  His enthusiastic SGS Member “students” created beautiful floral arrangements which would adorn the luncheon and banquet tables for the remainder of the convention.

Below: Photo gallery from the 2019 Convention club display