2018 SGS Convention Day 1 Report and Gallery

The 2018 Stretch Glass Society convention kicked off Wednesday evening, July 25, 2018 with a wonderful reception.  Two of our members, Stephanie and Pam, provided us with a tasty spread of sweet and savory foods and wine.  All of our displays were set up, including the club display of center-handled servers.  This display, organized by Dave Shetlar, included over 100 center-handled servers, all in stretch glass.

The member displays were quite interesting and varied.  Instead of having our members display their stretch glass in their rooms, we provided 5’ round tables and invited them to set up their displays in our main convention room.  The theme for 2018 was “Repurposing stretch glass in the 21st Century” – we were not talking about gluing pieces of stretch glass together to make yard art or bird feeders, we were showing how we use and enjoy our stretch glass today.  One of the most interesting aspects of the member displays was what else was incorporated in addition to stretch glass.

One of the gallery photos features an amazing SGS member display called "Frankenstein’s Dinner Party."  It featured topaz stretch glass under black lights, which cause the glass to glow due to the uranium oxide in the glass mixture.  Check out all the photos from the first day of Convention.