More on Bedroom and Bath Stretch Glass (Featured in 2019 Convention Club Display)

The Fenton Art Glass Company did its best to appeal to a broad market of consumers during the early period of stretch glass production (1916-mid-1930’s).  In addition to candleholders, bowls, plates, vases, and many other items targeted to shoppers and gift buyers, it also produced an extensive line of items for use in bedrooms, on vanities and in the baths of the period.  Today these items are of interest to stretch glass and other collectors.  Apparently, bedroom and bath items were not made in large quantities as they are hard to find and, in some cases, rare in today’s market.  As usual, color and shape combine to determine market demand and pricing – an item in Celeste Blue may be more desirable than the same item in Florentine Green or Topaz, despite Celeste Blue being among the more available colors of stretch glass.